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12 AT I O B In the meantime... IOB alumni are often very interesting guest lecturers for our students, with specific expertise linked to topics covered during the master programme. This year, three alumni were invited to give a guest lecture to our current IOB students. The first alumnus guest speaker was Nick Jacobs (2013, United Kingdom) coordinator of IPES Food. On the 20th of February 2017, he presented a session on “Agriculture- food-environment paradigms: Understanding the industrial agriculture narrative”. About a month later, Guggi Laryea (Ghana, 1996), currently a consultant on Partnerships at the World Bank was invited to present his insights on ‘The World Bank: history and current role from an insider’s perspective?’ to IOB students. Finally, Sandra Montoya, a former student at IOB and currently research professor at the Catholic University of Colombia, recently presented her new book entitled ‘Política exterior y diplomacia cultural: Hacia Colombia en posconflicto’ to the IOB audience. E xchange to change M ay 2017 Back @ IOB … yet standing on the other side