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AT I O B 5 Congratz ! On stage … Naisula Lepariyo, IOB alumna (2015, Kenya), featured in a new theatre show by Belgian performer Pieter Embrechts called ‘A Street Concert’. Using music, words and video, Pieter Embrechts tells the life stories of nine different people he encountered on the ‘Turnhoutsebaan’, arguably the most multicultural street in Antwerp and the starting point of each of the stories. Life stories, like Naisula’s, bring the whole world onto the stage and entice the audience to reflect on this crossroads of cultures, nationalities and stories. In a journal Dilip Bhatta, IOB alumnus (2015, Nepal), is currently working as a researcher and team leader on the ‘Promoting Resilience in Nepal’ research project at the University of York. He has recently published his research paper ‘Forest-based micro and small enterprises in Nepal: review of status, constraints, scope and approach effectiveness’ in the International Forestry Review (IFR). In action … Alumnus Seydina A. S. NDIAYE (2005, Senegal) chairing the first technical meeting for the creation of the ZLEC ( Zone africaine de libre-échange continentale) organised by the United Nations in Kigali, Rwanda. E xchange to change M ay 2017