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AT I O B 5 Congratz ! Thank you once again to Alellie Sobreviñas and Karen Serrano for being IOB ambassadors at the European Higher Education Fair Mary Ann Manahan (alumna 2015) co-authored ‘Unpacking Dutertism’ a publication on AsiaSentinel, a leading online news platform for policy makers and a condensed version of seven articles/research-based papers that were published in Focus Policy Review in August. Daniel Agramont (alumnus 2008), coordinator of Economic Development at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Bolivia, features as the host of several online talk show programmes. The show seeks to air the opinions of international experts on several topics of global importance, with very interesting guests whom he interviews on mostly economic topics. Tune in for … Programa El Interrogatorio de Agramont Three IOB alumni from the short training programmes on ‘Strengthening National M&E capacities’ Janett Salvador, Andrea Wehrle and Breynner Oliveira have been selected as members of the RELAC (Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe) Board. Keep up the good work! E xchange to change J anuary 2018