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4 AT I O B Alumni applause PhDs Congrats to Dr. Romaza Khanum! Romaza Khanum (alumna 2011) defended her PhD dissertation on the 29 November 2017 at the Bangladesh Agricultural University. The PhD dissertation was entitled “Impact of Entrepreneurship Development on Improving Livelihood of Tribal Women in Sylhet Region of Bangladesh”. Congratulations to Dr. Tekalign Gutu (alumnus 2010) for successfully defending his PhD research entitled “Ethiopian youth in agriculture: Relative deprivation, well- being and occupational choices” at Bonn University. In a journal Dilip Bhatta (alumnus 2015) published one of his research papers entitled “Pathways to raising disaster risk reduction awareness among the informal construction stakeholders: a case of Nepal” in Procedia Engineering Journal. Ferdous Farhana (alumna 2015) published an article “Women are the worst sufferer in Barind tract” on the Ntv online English news portal. This article portrays how women get affected by climate change in the Barind tract. Anurug Chakma (alumnus 2016) has published an article “The Peacebuilding of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), Bangladesh: Donor-Driven or Demand-Driven?” in the Asian Journal of Peacebuilding E xchange to change J anuary 2018