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ESSENTIAL OILS VS. OTHER COSMETIC AND HYGIENIC PRODUCTS Essential Oils Other Hygiene Products Consist of natural ingredients taken from pure sources Often contain synthetic or mysterious ingredients Potent and powerful, so you use less More product is required to achieve desired effect You only need a small amount of oil, so it lasts longer and is more cost-effective over time Provides a natural way to care for the body, offering peace of mind Need to re-stock product more often You may not know exactly what you are putting on your body Essential oils and your personal hygiene preferences In addition to the benefits above, many people use essential oils in their daily hygiene or beauty routine because it is easy to tailor certain essential oils to your personal preferences. As mentioned, each essential oil has a unique chemical makeup, which provides countless applications. A single oil can have several different uses and provide a variety of benefits, depending on its chemical design. Some chemical components will make an essential oil useful for cleansing and purification, while other components provide soothing or beautifying properties. Because each essential oil has a different combination of chemical constituents, it is easy to find an essential oil that will fit into your hygiene regimen based on your personal preferences. Along with a wide variety of essential oils and chemical constituents to choose from, there are also several essential oil application methods that make it easy to incorporate oils into your unique hygienic routine. Essential oil application methods can be altered to accommodate people with sensitive skin, different hair types, and varying cosmetic or hygienic needs. Typically, there is only one single way to use a cosmetic or hygienic product, but when you use essential oils for personal care, you can select specific oils and application methods that work with your personal preferences. Enjoying the aromatic benefits of essential oils An added benefit of using essential oils for personal care is that you’ll be able to enjoy the aromatic properties of each oil as you use it for hair, skin, nails, teeth and gums, or anywhere else on the body. While you might initially use an essential oil to purify the skin or promote shiny hair, the scent of the oil will linger throughout the day. Not only do es sential oils provide a pleasant aroma, but some oils can promote invigorating, uplifting, calming, or relaxing feelings depending on their chemical structure.