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2 3 CHAPTER Essential oils and skin care Skin care is one of the most important areas of good hygiene, and the natural, powerful properties of essential oils are useful for promoting clean, smooth, and healthy-looking skin. There are many characteristics of essential oils that make them useful for skin, including cleansing properties, soothing CHAPTER properties, and nurturing properties. Essential oils and hair care Cleansing properties Having clean skin is one of the most important elements of proper skin care. Some essential oils hold significant cleansing and CHAPTER purifying properties, which can be very useful for promoting clean skin and a clear complexion. As mentioned, specific chemical constituents can give an essential oil certain benefits. So if an Essential oils and oral care essential oil holds chemical properties that are useful for cleansing, 5 and if the oil has been approved for topical use, it can be used in your daily skincare routine to keep the skin clean and pure. Nurturing properties CHAPTER How to use essential oils in your skin is that they can help nourish everyday and nurture the complexion. hygiene routine Perhaps the most appealing characteristic of essential oils for Depending on the oil, you can help moisturize the skin, provide toning properties, or promote a healthy-looking glow. Some essential oils can even be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by nourishing the skin and promoting an 1 even skin tone. The pure nature of essential oils makes them useful for nurturing the skin, because powerful chemical constituents CHAPTER The benefits of using essential oils for personal care work to provide nourishment in a safe and natural manner.