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1 2 3 CHAPTER The benefits of using essential oils for personal care Among their many uses, essential oils have vast applications for personal care, including beautifying the skin and hair, cleansing the mouth, gums, and teeth, and other uses for general hygiene. Because each essential oil has a unique chemical profile that provides different benefits, it is easy to use oils for a wide variety of tasks that relate to personal hygiene. Since ancient times, essential oils have been used CHAPTER Essential oils and skin care to promote healthy skin, a clean mouth, strong fingernails and toenails, shiny hair, and more. Not only do natural cleansing, soothing, and purifying properties make essential oils an ideal choice for personal care, but the user can simultaneously enjoy the lovely, inviting smells of essential oils during use. Why should I use essential oils in my personal hygiene routine? CHAPTER While some may think that using essential oils for personal care is Essential oils and hair care messy, inconvenient, or the same as using other hygienic products, it is important to note that essential oils provide a pure, non-toxic way to care for the body, and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Essential oils vs other cosmetic and hygienic products on the market You might be wondering, “What is the benefit of using essential oils CHAPTER for hygiene as opposed to other products on the market?” While there Essential oils and oral care are several benefits to incorporating essential oils into your hygiene regimen, perhaps the greatest benefit is that essential oils are natural and powerful, yet still safe for the body. Essential oils are extracted from pure, natural sources in the earth, which means they don’t contain synthetic fillers or toxins. Many cosmetic and hygienic products on the market today contain mysterious ingredients that can be potentially harmful to the body. Taken from plants, plant materials, and fruits, essential oils provide an effective way to care for the skin, hair, teeth, and the rest of the body because they are safe, natural, and pure. If you want to feel comfortable knowing exactly what you are using on your body, choosing essential oils CHAPTER How to use essential oils in your everyday hygiene routine over other commercial products can give you that peace of mind.