DyNAMC Issue 10 November 2015 Preview | Page 7

46 -49 Globalization and the evolving entrepreneur. DyNAMC magazine speaks to NAMCO member Noel Alexander, the founder and CEO of VAST Management Corporation about how to create and maintain sustainable and profitable businesses. 172 -175 DyNAMC speaks with Pamala Silas, the Executive Director of NAIHC on how fair housing affects the Native American community. 101-102 DyNAMC board member, Bebee Kongpatanakul, uses her success as an Asian businesswoman to advocate for the equal treatment of women. 92-94 After graduating college, Rocco Giammaria began managing a small, seasonal business in his hometown. Now more than a decade later, that invaluable experience evolved into Giammaria’s volunteer work with Young Democrats of America and his belief that diverse groups of leaders, in both politics and business, need to come together to create change and achieve success. 146-149 As a financial justice advocate, Sasha Werblin tells DyNAMC that the most effective way to create greater equity within the banking industry is for more Americans to become actively engaged in banking regulations and policies at the federal level. But, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. 152-155 72-73 120-123 Teresa Younger, President and CEO of the Ms. Foundation, shares with DyNAMC how the feminist movement would not exist if it weren’t for diversity and inclusion within the movement. Rashad Robinson, Executive Director at ColorOfChange.org, discusses how shifts in culture will bring real change to improve black lives, which will improve all lives. Matthew Albracht, Executive Vice President at The Peace Alliance, considers empathy and meaningful connections in peace building. 36-41 In California, Chairman Jerome E. Chairman empowers women in business and fights for an equitable business community through his annual Connecting Women to Power Conference. 88-90 Diversity Spend: How to Read the Data. As Supplier Diversity Officer for the California Public Utilities Commission, Douglas Phason is an expert at interpreting supplier diversity data reports generated by Fortune companies. He shares what the reports say and what they don’t say in regards to best practice and transparency. 134-135 With the number of senior citizens on the rise in the United States, Anita Lofton is working to empower and advocate for the demographic through her Senior Moment Life organization. 108-110 DyNAMC speaks with diversiculturalist Dr. Fiona Citkin on the connection between transformational diversity, social equality and immigration success. 96-98 Executive Director of OutRight Action International, Jessica Stern, gives DyNAMC readers a closer look at the inner workings of the organization and the direction she hopes advocacy will take. 138-140 DyNAMC board member Joseph Krulder, II, an Iraq War vet and vice president of public relations for the broker-dealer firm Drexel Hamilton, discusses his personal journey through unemployment and homelessness, and offers insights on how to end discrimination against soldiers. 142-145 DyNAMC speaks to Christine Griffin, Executive Director of the Disability Law Center in Massachusetts and Board Chair of AAPD, on the importance of treating each other equally as human beings. 50-59 DyNAMC Future Leaders - Where They Are Now?: DyNAMC gives the world’s future leaders, our younger generation the opportunity to shine through the pages of our publication. Take the journey to see what our futures leaders are up to today. Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner, Collette D. Honorable, discusses her career and the available options in the energy sector for today’s young professionals. 164-166 DyNAMC speaks with Global Exchange Activist Ted Lewis on his groundbreaking work in Mexico and citizen action for social reform. 156-159 Ronald Parker, president and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council, talks about his rise through the ranks of PepsiCo and the need for more senior black executives at Fortune companies on a global scale. DyNAMC • ISSUE 10 124-127 7