DyNAMC Issue 10 November 2015 Preview | Page 6

Standard Features 16-17 DyNAMC’s Favorite Things: Spread the Love! 68-71 At A Glance: A Delightful Inside View of Pastor Dallas Wilson. 46-49 Company Profile: NAMCO Member VAST Management Corp President’s Perspective: Presidents Perspective Diversity: Comfortable Silence or 14-15 Uncomfortable Truth? DyNAMC founder Aldrica Lattimore reflects: What are the ongoing struggles and triumphs related to diversity in society today? What strides are we making? Are we headed toward a world of unity and harmony? Is it possible? Tip of the Iceberg: Slavery was finally abolished in America in 1865, but does this painful 18-23 72-80 196 -203 180-191 93 Student Interview: DyNAMC Future Leaders Speak with Dr. Dallas Wilson Sr. Senior Pastor of Center of Hope Ministries in Atlanta Georgia and DyNAMC magazine’s winner in our “Kiss Me, I Love Diversity” contest. “Emerging Leaders to Faith Based Leader”. VIEWPOINTS: In this “Diversity” issue, our Viewpoint question specifically invited persons identified as non-minority to share responses to these questions: Have we really resolved the paradox of slavery and oppression in America? How do we solve race relations? Roundtable: DyNAMC Roundtable: DyNAMC Advisory board member and Sprint Vice President Eugene Agee, served as the facilitator for a roundtable discussion on “Gaining Access to the Decision Maker: Why Are Supplier Diversity Managers a Perceived Barrier? that took place in August of 2015. Panel participants: Danielle Beavers, Greenlining Institutes Economic Equity Program Manager who advocates in the financial sector and is a 2014 DyNAMC Walk the Walk in Diversity award winner, Deborah Thompson, President of the National Association of Black Women in Construction, and Paula R. Jackson, President and CEO for the American Association of Blacks in Energy. Spiritual Column: Pastor Theola Campbell gives a spiritual perspective on “Diversity at Its Finest”. Be Uplifted! 176-179 Filmmaker, Cassidy McMillan lends her voice to the issues of teenage bullying and suicide, while encouraging others to take action against this “silent epidemic.” 104 -105 National President of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Gregory Thomas speaks with DyNAMC about community policing for social justice. 168 -171 Congressman Mike Honda’s early experiences as a Japanese American and in the Peace Corps inspire his dedication to public service and the fight for equality. 160 -162 Removing social barriers by adding Ethnic Studies to school curricula, DyNAMC speaks with educator Jose Lara about his efforts with the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition. 112-115 Where did you come from? How did you get here? DyNAMC speaks with undocumented immigrant and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas, about his journey as an illegal immigrant. DyNAMC • ISSUE 10 116 -118 130 -133 6 and uncomfortable part of America’s past still cast long shadows into the present that have an everlasting effect on race relations? Here DyNAMC’s Board Chair Lee Bennett gives his controversial thoughts. Marci Rubin, the Executive Director Emeritus at California Minority Counsel Program, diversity in the business world goes beyond numbers. She sits down with DyNAMC to discuss the unspoken challenge that promoting diversity faces. Maurita Coley, E sq., Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC) works to ensure the interests of minorities, and underserved communities are heard.