DyNAMC Issue 10 November 2015 Preview | Page 5

Cover Features Issue 10 | November 2015 Diversity Across the Globe Roundtable DyNAMC focuses this issue on top leaders who champion diversity across the globe representing business, media, film, politics, education, veterans, energy, Are diverse suppliers challenged with access to the decision makers? pg. 180 - 191 pg. 83 - 179 Presidents Perspective Comfortable Silence pg. 14 - 15 White About Race Viewpoint features the White perception of race relations in the U.S. pg. 196 - 203 The Truth About Diversity Data The Truth in Interpreting Supplier Diversity Reporting pg. 88 - 91 Noel G. Alexander, PMP CEO Company Profile VAST Management Corp. pg. 46 - 49 Pastor Dalla s Wilson Featuring Pastor Dallas Wilson At a time when southern black churches are under attack, Pastor Dallas Wilson shares with DyNAMC that he teaches his parishioners at Center of Hope Ministries in Atlanta to love everyone; and that’s what churches should be filled with: Love. “Who doesn’t want to come to a place where love is abounding?” Pastor Wilson says. It should come as no surprise that Pastor Wilson is DyNAMC magazine’s winnerin our “Kiss Me, I Love Diversity” photo contest. pg. 62 - 67 pg. 56 - 58 Check Out Our Contest.. Art Gallery By DyNAMC DyNAMC • ISSUE 10 DyNAMC Private Eye Law Sleuths TV Theme Song Contest - We Have A Winner! Retired police officer Mr. Larry Harris from Staten Island, New York. pg ? 5