Darkside Issue 40 | Page 60

Luna Carruthers explains how to take first steps when it comes to moving in with your Dominant , ensuring the relationship is maintained ...

10 tips on moving in with your Dominant

Having personal time is also helpful for both of you as you get used to being together

The progress of a serious relationship leads to moving in with the other . Whether in a more traditional format after marriage or a modern stand of whenever the relationship is serious enough for that commitment , deciding to do just that takes preparedness .

I want to talk about how to prepare yourself and your home for a partner . For the case of this article , it will be the submissive moving into the Dominant ’ s home , but it can be the reverse , and what I write here could be interpreted either way .
Many of the things we do when it comes to BDSM and D / s relationships seem to come faster than in traditional ones , so often , we forget that the base of a D / s relationship is traditional . You are still two people that plan to cohabitate . With that comes decisions and plans , change , and adjustment periods .
In the first list of tips I want to give , I ’ m going to cover the more basic ‘ vanilla ’ ideas that will make you more comfortable as you move into your home . The second list is BDSM based tips that will hopefully start your relationship on a sound footing now that you are living
Darkside • Issue 40