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Darkside 59

‘ A foot fetish is nothing to be ashamed of . In fact , it ’ s more common than you might think ’

Speaking of foot accessories , footwear is a category all its own due to the sheer volume of footwear available . While some foot lovers get off on the sight of feet in sexy items like high heels , boots , or fishnet stockings , others prefer more commonplace footwear like sneakers or even socks .
If you ’ re in a relationship , it ’ s time to play dress up ! Ask your partner if they ’ re comfortable trying on a variety of footwear for you . High heels are a fan favorite , with some people leaving them on during intercourse . Kinksters who prefer BDSM and bondage play may opt for spikey or thigh-high boots that are black , leather , or decorated with ropes and ties . Speaking of ropes , foot bondage is another common practice among foot lovers who prefer more intense sex play .
5 . Use feet during sex play
And speaking of sex play , there are plenty of ways to incorporate your foot fetish into your sexual routine . Besides massaging , tickling , and toe sucking , some people use their feet to sexually stimulate their partners . Instead of a hand job , think of a foot job . It ’ s not uncommon for men with foot fetishes to ask their partners to stroke , rub , and get them off using their feet and toes . Women enjoy the same type of stimulation on different parts of their bodies . Get creative by using your feet to perform sex acts usually reserved for your hands , mouth , or other body parts . Take turns giving and receiving pleasure .
Embrace your foot fetish in a healthy way
A foot fetish is nothing to be ashamed of . In fact , it ’ s more common than you might think . If you ’ re in a relationship , your first step is to share your sexual desires with your partner . Most lovers will be more than happy to explore your fetish together , within their comfort zone . If you ’ re single or prefer to worship feet in private , buying feet pics online is a great way to meet your beads and protect your anonymity . Whatever path you choose , embrace your foot fetish and don ’ t deny yourself sexual freedom and exploration .
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