Darkside Issue 40 | Page 61

Darkside 61 under the same roof .
1 . Spend a few weekends together before the move-in . It can be a magical experience to meet someone and fall head over heels in love or lust with someone , but unless you know each other and have spent plenty of time with each other , moving in might not be the best option . Go out on dates , let it get serious , and start spending weekends together when it does . Pick up on your habits and quirks . Learn about each other ’ s pet peeves . See how you handle being around each other for more extended periods when the ‘ date ’ atmosphere has worn off .
2 . Create some personal space . A drawer in the dresser , a shelf in the bathroom vanity - these little things can go a long way in making your partner feel comfortable and welcome in their new home .
Going beyond that , you can have some creature comforts available like their favorite foods , drinks , and television shows . Nothing says welcome home than being able to open the fridge and finding their favorite drink after a long day . Having personal time is also helpful for both of you as you get used to being together . It can recharge the batteries and keep you from getting at each other ’ s throats when the adjustment gets tough .
3 . Acclimate live-in family / friends and pets to the new person . Not every move will involve just the two people in the relationship . If you have family , roommates , or pets , they will need to get used to your new partner . Plan some time before they move in to get to know each other and feel comfortable about the changes that are going to happen . Allow them to ask questions and spend time
answering them . It ’ s always best to make friends rather than create strife .
4 . Accept that there will be conflicts as your routines connect . When you make changes that alter your routine , there can be conflicts , especially when you are trying to incorporate someone else into them . Try not to take my way or the high way approach to solving these initial conflicts . Talk them through and openly discuss a compromise . What would you do if their idea of a clean room means having the dirty clothes picked up , but yours is more detailed ? Even in a D / s relationship , there has to be a compromise - most importantly , within those first few months of adjustment .
5 . Plan a date night - just like you used to do before you lived together . Just because you live together doesn ’ t mean
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