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when they brought up the fact that Emma Young Pond , located behind the Ericksen Community Center at 1401 11th Ave . North , was going to be undergoing development .
As someone who loves kayaking and canoeing , Middendorp realized the pond doesn ’ t have a dock for those adventures .
“ I love being on the water ,” Middendorp says , “ and I kind of wanted to build that dock so that it would allow new beginners , new boaters , the chance to get on the water without having the struggles of trying to get into the boat without anything to help them .”
After presenting the project to the Clinton City Council , multiple meetings with Clinton City Engineer Jason Craft , and speaking with Clinton Parks & Recreation Director
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Josh Eggers , Middendorp understood what the city wanted out of the dock and he was ready to actually start building it .
He decided to do so with a small group of other Scouts and TWR Dock and Marine , of Lamont , Iowa , where he bought all of the materials he would need with $ 6,000 that he earned himself . He was taught how to weld the dock together in a way that it would be long lasting and he wouldn ’ t have to worry about future maintenance .
The aluminum frame is topped with durable outdoor plastic as a decking on top and Permafloat dock floats underneath , giving the completed dock dimensions of 12 feet by 4 feet . It , and a separate kayak launch , will be installed with a ramp leading to the dock once the work at Emma Young Pond is completed , which
Middendorp expects to occur in June .
The physical building process began in February , but Middendorp had to work quickly . The Scouts has an implemented age cap of 18 , and Middendorp ’ s 18th birthday loomed on March 19 . It was only until then that he had to finish the project and , on his 18th birthday , he turned in the required paperwork to the Eagle Board , just in time to be considered for the rank he was working for .
Once the Board has received reference letters , Middendorp will hear from them to set a date for his review . If the Board decides to give him the Eagle rank , there will be a Court of Honor awards ceremony , where he ’ ll receive the award .
Steenhard lended Middendorp a hand in the project planning and
Emma Young Park ’ s pond at 1401 11th Avenue North , Clinton . The dock that Ethan Middendorp built is shown on the inset photo ( left ). Jenna Blount / Clinton Magazine
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