ClairCity newsletter ClairCity newsletter December 2019 - Page 3

New ClairCity Graphics Our digital communications partner, Point Creative, has begun producing graphics for the project to support its final phase: disseminating the results. We are really pleased with how they’ve turned out, and we hope you are too. These graphics will be used in reports, presentations and in social media to spread the ClairCity messages far and wide. We will soon upload these to our website so you too can share these materials. How did we work this out? A fine granular dataset of road transport emissions was generated that allowed source apportionment not only at the typical level of mode choice but also the underlying behaviour or motive and socio-economic properties of the people travelling. The scientifically robust yet flexible methodology is designed to allow it to use different types of public datasets, which can be applied to different cities in similar fashion. The methodology had two primary steps: 1. A simple traffic demand generation and assignment algorithm to establish traffic flows at link level to calcuate total emissions; and 2. Merging the emission dataset from step 1 with travel survey data holding information on the underlying motives and socio-economic properties of travellers of individual trips. 3