Brochures Transition to middle school | Page 4

A few start of school details ● Bus route information will be mailed to families about a week before school starts. If you do not receive bus information call 763-506 -1125. ● Students will use their current PIN numbers for school lunches. New students will receive a PIN number as part of the registration process. ● Students are required to wear a plain t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes for physical education class. After-school athletics and activities The Community School department offers a wide variety of after-school activities for students. A fee is charged for some activities. Offerings vary from school to school depending on students’ interests. They include: ● Basketball ● Tackle Football ● Orchestra ● Jazz Band ● Cheerleading ● Tennis ● Chess Club ● Math League ● Dance Team ● Track ● Destination ● Multicultural Club ● Golf ● Volleyball ● School Newspaper ● Ski Club ● Wrestling ● Soccer ● Band ● Softball ● Choir ImagiNation ● Drama ● Future Problem Solvers Homework Tips In general, students who spend more time on homework do better in school. Completing homework regularly also helps students develop good work habits and self-discipline. ● Help your child be organized with schoolwork. Encourage him or her to write down all assignments in the Student Planner and check it regularly. ● Help your child work independently at home. Plan a daily routine with a regular time for completing homework. Allow enough flexibility to accommodate special activities such as music lessons, sports, etc. ● Provide a quiet place to study, away from the distraction of television and technology such as cell phones, video games and social networking sites. ● Provide basic supplies and resources your child will need, such as pencils, pens, paper and a dictionary. Other handy items include stapler, paper clips, maps, a calculator, tape and a thesaurus. ● Show an interest in your child’s work and offer to take him or her to the library or elsewhere to do research if needed. 3 ● Student Council ● Video Club ● Yearbook