Brochures Transition to middle school | Page 5

Communicating with families ● Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled several times per year. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend. If you are unable to attend, feel free to contact your child’s teachers for a phone conference. All middle schools also have Facebook pages. ● Each middle school maintains a website with information on school activities and events. Many teachers have their own web pages with news and information about their classes, including class assignments. Teacher web pages are accessed through the school’s website. ● Every middle school student receives a Student Planner. This can be a great tool not only to help students be organized, but also to communicate with parents. Students are expected to record all their assignments in the planner and discuss them with parents. ● Parents/guardians can access a variety of data about their students using a secure website called A-HConnect. User names and passwords will be mailed to all parents before school starts. For help call 763-506-HELP (4357). ● Teachers provide parent access to homework assignments in a variety of ways, including A-HConnect, websites and voicemail. ● Some middle schools have electronic newsletters. Subscribe to these through the link on the school website. ● Get news and information about the school district in a variety of formats. Visit the A-H Newsroom for links to district news publications: ● Principals send Parent Link messages via the phone to keep parents up-to-date on school issues impacting students. What can I do to help my child adjust to middle school? ● Most students wonder what middle school will be like. They may have questions and concerns. Talk with your child about middle school. Ask what he or she is most excited or concerned about. Assure him or her that it is normal to be a little nervous about starting middle school. ● Learn about typical behavior of middle school age children so you will have realistic expectations and will know how to handle any bumps in the road. ● Anoka-Hennepin Community Education offers a variety of parenting classes and workshops. Find course descriptions and online registration in the Community Education section of the Anoka-Hennepin website, or call 763-506-1260 for more details. ● Excellent parenting books, audio and video materials are available for loan at the district Parent Involvement Resource Center, 2727 N. Ferry St., Anoka. Call 763-506-1567 for more details. ● Be involved in your child’s education. Research shows that when parents are involved, their children do better in school. Attending parent-teacher conferences, monitoring your child’s homework, and attending school events are a few of the many ways to show your child that school is important. ● Encourage your child to participate in after-school activities. Middle school is an important time to try new activities and explore interests and talents. ● If you suspect your child is having behavior problems or is not completing homework, contact his or her teachers, an assistant principal, or principal for help. 4