Brochures Transition to middle school | Page 3

Curriculum The middle school curriculum is designed to meet the interests and abilities of students. Students’ test scores are used to assign them to English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics and science courses that are appropriate for their individual achievement levels. ● Students whose skills are significantly above grade level in reading and writing are assigned to English Language Arts (ELA) Advanced (6, 7 or 8). ● Students are assigned to the appropriate level of math based on their skills. Courses include Mathematics Concepts, Pre-Algebra/Geometry Concepts, Algebra, Linear Algebra, and Geometry at most middle schools. Grade 6: ● English Language Arts* ● Mathematics ● Physical Science ● Social Studies ● Art ● Health ● Music ● Physical Education 2 ● Students who need more help in basic skill areas may be assigned to Reading Strategies and/or Math Block in addition to their regular ELA or math courses. A two-period math block is available for middle school students who are struggling. ● Students who perform significantly above grade level have been assigned to Accelerated Science 6, 7 or 8 for their grade level. Grade 7: ● English Language Arts* ● Industrial Arts ● Mathematics ● Life Science ● Social Studies ● Family and Consumer Science ● Two electives Grade 8: ● English Language Arts* ● Mathematics ● Earth Science ● Social Studies ● Six electives *Students take two periods of ELA in grades 6 and 7, one period in grade 8. **Anoka Middle School for the Arts offers additional electives in performing, visual, literary, and technical arts. Electives include: ** ● Art ● Industrial Technology ● Business Education ● Music – band, choir or orchestra Note: High school credit is given for Geometry, Advanced Mathematics and full-year World Language courses. It is reflected on high school transcripts. Students who perform significantly above grade level are assigned to Advanced Mathematics, which offers individually paced instruction. ● ● ● ● Family and Consumer Science Physical Education Health World Languages (Introduction, and full-year French, German or Spanish)