Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 29

Advocating for Conservation This program encourages local businesses to keep plastic bags, straws and other common litter items out of our waters. Dedicated to teaching citizens how to take action on issues, related to climate change. A one-day event at the Zoo educates visitors on environmentally friendly practices. This public outreach program focuses on the changes we can make in our day-to-day lives to improve the overall health of the Indian River Lagoon. The Zoo hosted these striking large-scale sea life sculptures made from marine debris to raise awareness of its threats to the environment. Visitors can pick up Seafood Watch materials that teach them about the best sustainable seafood to buy. Choices. BUY Best le, look for If unavailab the rnatives or d Good Alte options foun eco-certified and website. app our on ood Watch Seaf CHOOSE our app or from ners part n dining and website whe shopping. Aquarium Monterey Bay guide are ns in this tion m Founda recommendatio The seafood Monterey Bay Aquariu paper. on recycled the d. Printed credited to rights reserve ©201 6. All Southeast e Guid Consumer 2016 January– June LT E R N GOOD A ® ® AT I V ES AVOID Best ns—your Start with other colum be in check the od could favorite seafo one. more than ndations recomme ce-based guide Carry this creates scien h program y seafood choices. ood Watc rium Seaf s make ocean-friendl . Bay Aqua word esse The Monterey umers and busin rs to help spread the cons that help it with othe and share with you Choices then line ® S TO N E CRAB atch arium SeafoodW Monterey Bay Aqu g outer black 1. Cut alon grey lines 2. Fold on WATCH you. Best Choices ’re well managed they ways Buy first, farmed in or and caughtlittle harm to habitats that cause ife. or other wildl natives Good Alter aware there are Buy, but be they’re with how concerns farmed. caught or guide: Seafood app d our free • Downloa Facebook • Join us on and Twitter our e-news • Sign up for oodw • Visit seaf A statewide effort to establish a network of recycling bins to prevent monofilament from injuring marine life. OICES BEST CH and the solution Be part of ocean: rence for our make a diffe ainable you sell sust ASK “Do es Let business ” ood? seaf t to is importan know this now, Avoid on these for Take a pass fished or caught or r they’re over harm othe ways that farmed in or the environment. marine life d e or downloa Visit us onlina comprehensive our app forrecommendations. list of