Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 30

Quarters for Conservation Your choice matters for conservation Creating a wildlife emergency fund Launched in 2011, Quarters for Conservation is an initiative that makes it easy to support programs on both local and global levels. The next step for this program is to set aside a portion of the Quarters for Conservation dollars for emergencies. Upon entry to the Zoo, each visitor receives a “quarter” token that they can use to vote for one of three conservation projects at a time. Projects change every four months. With this fund we can assist our partners quickly and distribute aid to them in the event of natural disasters or man-made catastrophes that leave wildlife in need of support. Awards are made available to organizations after the approval of a brief application for a maximum of $2,500. 9 projects/yr are spotlighted raising awareness and funding $220,000 has been raised since this program's inception 29 Our goal with this fund is to provide assistance to our partners in conservation during a time when they need it most.