Blue Umbrella Official November 2016 issue | Page 6

GETTING TO KNOW AOA STAFF By Elisabeth M . Interview with Mrs. Carter How long have you been a teacher ? Since 2007, but I have taken some time off to stay home with my son.? What made you want to be a teacher ? I knew I wanted to work with students. I love getting to hear students' thoughts and interact with them. The teenage years are such a formative time in our lives and I love getting to be a small part of that, helping students navigate their education.? How'd you find out about AOA? Good old-fashioned Google. I knew I wanted a teaching job in which I could work from home so I looked for Christian Online Schools. A job opened up and here I am.? What gr ades do you teach? 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th What are some of your hobbies? crafty projects, and taking walks with my husband and son.? Where are you from? Upstate New York Do you have any pets? Oh no - not much of an animal lover. Oh well now wait, actually my son has a Betta fish named Blue. What is something you'd like your students to know? I love teaching history and government because of how relevant it is to our lives today. We get to live the successes of the people who came before us and, hopefully, avoid their failures. And I love teaching government and instilling in my students an appreciation for taking an active role in their citizenship - and how much more relevant is it in a Presidential Election year in the US?! Mrs. Carter, History teacher Have you complet ed t he AdvancedED survey yet ? grade 6-12 grade 3-5 grade K-2 I love reading books, doing 6 Alpha Omega St udent Newslet t er