Blue Umbrella Official November 2016 issue | Page 7

GETTING TO KNOW AOA STAFF (CONTINUED) Interview with Ms. Hogrefe What gr ades do you teach? 7 and 8, with a few students in high school. Where do you live? Florida. I?m definitely a beach girl. I love the sunshine. Do you have any pets? Not currently. I did have a cat, but she passed away. How?d you find out about AOA? Ms. Hogrefe, English teacher How long have you been a teacher ? In middle school my family went to visit a church, and the pastor?s wife worked for AOA. Later on the principal was looking for a commencement speaker, so the pastor?s wife recommended me. I spoke there 2 years in a row. What is something you?d like your This is the beginning of my 3rd year, students to know? before I taught for two years at a I?m always here to help in any way I private Christian school. can. Sometimes in middle school picking up the phone can be a little What are some of your hobbies? intimidating for some students, and I I enjoy writing, blogging, and want them to feel like they can pick exploring the outdoors: running, up the phone anytime or stop in my kayaking, and helping out with my office hours anytime, no matter how church?s youth group trips. little or simple they think the question might be. I want them to Why did you become a teacher ? know that I?m here for them, and I started working with the youth that I really am just a phone call group at my church. I love working away. I always want them to know with young adults. I am also I?m more then happy to help, and I passionate about English. I love want them to have a great year. writing, and I want students to develop a love for learning and a love for reading because that?s going to serve them well in whatever occupation they choose one day. Hist ory Bee at AOA The National History Bee is a social studies competition for students presently in grades 4-8. We are looking for the Academy?s top history students to represent our school and we want you to be a part of this awesome opportunity. On November 30th at 2 p.m. central time, we will have an online class where all student that are interested will be quizzed in a fun trivia setting to choose our school representatives. Those top individuals will then take an online test to determine if they score high enough to advance to one of the regional competitions. Know that this test needs to be proctored by one of the AOA teachers so it is required that all interested participants have a working webcam to participate. The following link will get you into the school History Bee on the 30th: GoTo Training 7 Alpha Omega St udent Newslet t er