Blue Umbrella Official November 2016 issue | Page 5

Sports The Cubs' Grand Slam by Ch ar it y H. A fter one hundred and eight years of waiting, it finally came. It was the sixth game of the World Series and the bases were loaded. Loyal fans sat on the edge of their seats as the pitcher turned the ball in his hands. The batter was focused; the crowd was tense. The pitcher flung the ball towards the batter and Thwack! The ball left the stadium. A roar of applause followed as each of the runners passed home, one after another. Twenty-two year old Addison Russell was bombarded with pats on the back and congratulations for being the first in a decade to hit a grand slam in the history of the World Series. That was only the third inning of game six, and the Cubs?leap to victory. In game seven, the final win was clinched as the Cubs finally gained triumph, scoring two runs in the tenth inning and winning 8 - 7 against the Indians. To celebrate, on Friday, November 4th, Chicagoans from all over gathered in the city to form the seventh largest gathering in human history. The Chicago River was colored ?Cubby blue? for this special parade that wove throughout the entire city. Five million people (which is almost twice the inner-city?s population) cheered, chanted, and called, ?Hey Chicago! What Do Ya Say!?in this record breaking celebration. It was the largest crowd ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere. The Chicago Cubs became the sixth team to propel back from a 3 - 1 deficit, and the only team to have a comeback that won the World Series after one hundred and eight years. Talk about determination! Cubby fans everywhere have been anticipating this moment for a century and eight years! Even an one hundred and eight year old fan was able to celebrate their win, saying the Cubs had won two World Series in her lifetime. The events surrounding the Cubs? win were so extraordinary that as soon as the Cubs made it to the doorway of the series, people knew they would be victorious. Leaning on the predictions of various individuals, and the famous ?Back to the Future? episodes that predicted the Cubs winning in 2015 (close enough, right?), Cubby admirers sat on the edge of their seats as the series progressed. Chicagoans all over the world who were loyal to the Cubbies just knew that they would win. As one Chicagoan said in the Chicago Sun Times, ?The Cubs are the greatest losers in American sports history. We all love the underdog . . . there?s no better underdog than the Cubs. ?Thankfully, the underdog is known to prevail, no matter the circumstances. 5 Alpha Omega St udent Newslet t er