Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue - Page 7

The party slowly comes to an end as the party goers leave. When Clara and a maid are left alone, Clara is told that it is time for her to go to bed. The maid takes the Nutcracker from Clara and places it under the Christmas tree. When she sees the maid leave the room, she sneaks back in to admire her Nutcracker. As she sits on the couch, she grows tired and falls asleep. She dreams that Drosselmeyer uses his magic to make everything in the room to grow. Giant mice start coming out from under the Christmas tree, and they pester her until she awakes. Frightened by them, she runs and hides in a corner. Drosselmeyer brings the Nutcracker to life to fight with his soldiers against the mice. The Mouse King challenges the Nutcracker, and they engage in a sword fight. It often seems as though the Nutcracker will be overcome by the Mouse King. Clara, gaining courage, comes to the Nutcracker's rescue. When the Mouse King lifts his sword to kill his foe, Clara throws her shoe to distract him and hits him on the head. While the Mouse King is distracted, the Nutcracker stabs him. The death of the Mouse King is always dramatic. Sometimes he dies and is then dragged off stage by his mice, and others have him do a 'death dance' and then drag himself into the orchestra pit falling head first. With the Mouse King dead, the Nutcracker is turned into a human prince by Drosselmeyer. The Prince thanks Clara for saving his life and leads her on an adventure to meet the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Land of the Sweets. The first place they visit is the Snow Forest, where they are greeted by the Snow Queen and King who lead them through the forest while Snow Flakes, Snow Crystals, and Icicles dance for them. When they leave the Snow Forest, they arrive in the Land of the Sweets where Ladies in Waiting dance to present the Sugar Plum Fairy. The Sugar Plum Fairy greets Clara and the Nutcracker, thanking them for killing the Mouse King. All who live in the Land of the Sweets under the Sugar Plum Fairy send a representative to greet Clara. These representative include the Spanish Chocolates, the Arabian Coffees, Chinese Teas, Russian Candy Canes, the Bon Bons, Mirlitons, and the Garden Flowers. Then the Sugar Plum asks the Prince to tell her and her people about his battle story. He acts out how he battled the Mouse King, how he almost died, and how Clara saved him. The people and the Sugar Plum all rejoice and thank Clara for saving the Prince. The couple is seated on a throne where they will watch as the representatives present their people through dances. After the final dance is presented to Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy dances a solo. She then is accompanied by her partner the Cough Drop Prince. After the Sugar Plum and Cough Drop complete their dance for Clara, the Prince dances an impressive solo for her. All gather around as Clara dances her farewell. Each of the groups does a short dance to say good-bye, and the Sugar Plum bids her farewell as they all wave good-bye to their new friend. Clara awakes from her dream still on the couch holding her Nutcracker. She smiles as she holds her beloved doll and thinks of all that her dream held. 7