Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 8

AOA'S FI R S T O P E N HO U S E By: Suricke B. and Nathan V. Mrs. Julia Ellis, Alpha Omega Academy?s principal, held the school?s first open house online, via Webinar, on October 12, 2018. About 140 live viewers were in attendance with an additional 200 views being received after the open house?s online posting. In an interview after the open house, Mrs. Ellis explained that the purpose of the event was to provide a place for students and parents to ?gather information and get more acclimated to the school year.? This purpose was achieved by providing information about AOA?s new accreditation (ACSI), information about the school?s different curriculum choices, and other general information about the school. Mrs. 8 Ellis further stated that ?there had also been an opportunity to meet AOA administration and teachers as well as time for a scriptural challenge going into the new school year.? Another reason for the open house was to let students and parents get more involved in AOA. Mrs. Ellis noted that this involvement is a core value of the school?s: ?at AOA, we want to make sure that parents and students have opportunities to come together as a community.? Driven by the significance of this value, AOA intends to hold open houses every fall. In addition, Mrs. Ellis states that the school is ?currently looking for more ways to engage the larger AOA community of parents and students.? Click on the house on the top right corner to watch the open house recording in case you