Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 9

' cause w hy not ? By: Emily S. English teacher, Kristen Hogrefe and Alpha Omega Publications staff member, Maria Constantine, went on a sponataneous trip to Italy this past fall. Mrs. Constantine stated, " We wanted to go so Ms. Hogrefe could do her research, but in the end, I think what made us decide to do it was the question, 'Why not?'" They met for the first time in the Boston airport, before flying to London. Both Ms. Hogrefe and Mrs. Constantine said that meeting each other in Boston was like meeting an old friend, yet a stranger at the same time. In Italy, Ms. Hogrefe and Mrs. Constantine visited Orvieto, Rome, and Civitavecchia that is on the mainland of Italy. From there, they took a ferry to Sicily where they were in Parlermo, Valguarnera, and Agrigento. While on the trip, Mrs. Constantine had gifted Ms. Hogrefe a beautiful journal so that she could record all her thoughts and feelings about their trip. Ms. Hogrefe said that she had "rediscovered the joy of journaling." Mrs. Constantine was excited that she was able to visit the convent where her aunt had served all her life. She said that the nuns loved them as family, and that the last night was full of hugs, kisses, and energetic goodbyes. Ms. Hogrefe is an author, and wanted to go to Italy to see for herself where her heroine would go in the story. Mrs. Constantine is Italian and was able to help Ms. Hogrefe''s dream become a reality. Ms. Hogrefe's research was successful, and the final book in her Rogues trilogy, The Reactionary, releases February 19, 2019. 9