Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 6

The Mor Nutcracke r e t han j ust By: Erica L. and Sabrina L. a Bal l et The Nutcracker is a story that people all around the world recreate to celebrate the Christmas season. The story is not always told the same, but the core of the story is usually similar. The story usually starts with a party scene. Many ballets depict the party in Clara's house, though some ballets add local history to the Nutcracker by depicting Clara's Christmas party in a significant historical building. The party welcomes family, friends, and Clara's beloved Uncle Drosselmeyer. He brings magic tricks and dolls to the party. His dolls are no ordinary dolls, though. They are life-size and dance. After they have performed, gifts are usually given to the children at the party and Drosselmeyer gives Clara and her little brother, Fritz, Christmas presents. Clara receives a Nutcracker and dances with her new gift, moving the mouth up and down to show the party guests how it works. Fritz wishes that he had gotten the Nutcracker and schemes to take it away from his sister. He sneaks up behind her and grabs the Nutcracker. The siblings commence a tug-of-war in attempt to retrieve the gift from the other. Finally, Fritz loses his grip on the Nutcracker as the arm he was holding onto breaks. The party attendees are grieved by the broken Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer takes the doll from Clara and wraps its arm in a handkerchief to "fix" it. 6 The now somber scene is disrupted by Fritz who runs around with the Christmas gift his parents gave to him, which is often a horn or drum.