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Technical Suppor t to the Rescue! By: Rebekah V. AOA offers many services to help students in their course work. Teachers hold daily online whiteboard hours during which students are able to get much more help than during the day. In addition, many teachers also provide online classes to help students master difficult concepts. However, since AOA is a distance learning school, it also provides a nonacademic support service?Technical Support. What exactly is Tech Support though? Erik Hooser, a representative from Tech Support, defines the group as ?a team that is trained and is passionate for helping others when they are having technical problems or are just needing a better understanding on how things work.? Tech Support?s mission is to help both students and faculty with their technical issues in a quick and pleasant manner. Tech Support?s team is made up of 16 friendly and knowledgeable representatives who are always willing to receive calls and help in whatever way they can. ?On average,? Hooser says, ?Tech Support gets 50 to 100 calls per week from a mixture of students, parents and teachers.? Tech Support is a great help to those who are having trouble with technology. Its support line, reachable at (800) 585?4216, is open from 7 am to 5 pm Central Time Monday through Friday. The members of the team fully encourage both students and faculty calling in with questions and are ready to help in any way they can. 5