Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 4

w Cha r We gaze up at the sky. Amazed at the time that has gone by, We realize how much time we have borrowed. We realize what dreams we have sorrowed. We watch the fire roar. We watch our favorite thing call, which we will not ignore. Wearing dark blue and white, Our thing calls to us deep in sight. We heard its call fade before night. This is horrifically out of spite. Christmas morning on our senior year, How there is something to fear. We will have bacon cooking at our rear. Can we be happy when its struggles could be in full gear? We go to bed Christmas night. When we wake up, our dream is in sight. We see it, but notice the difference of our favorite thing. How its voice did not pleasantly sing. The complements we told it surrounded it like a ring. It tells me ?I wish I could do more to hear a ding.? We told it, ?You did enough, that?s for sure.? ?How so many painful days, nights, and years we endure.? Then, we ask, ?Give me a reward, if not what have we done this for?? Our favorite thing denies our request and walks out the door. People laugh and ask us what has our life been about? We responded that we do not know but it went south. People mockingly ask, ?Has your life really been all about this obsession, such a silly, sole goal?? We responded, ?We love her but there is more to our soul.? 4 We can?t say our life has been about her, But we can say she always made our lives go farther. Our life will go on, To navigate through darkness, we will work hard through dawn.