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Wh at are you cel eb rat i n g t h i s Ch ri st m as? By: Nathan V. What do we even celebrate at Christmastime? Do we celebrate getting gifts? Giving gifts? Being with family? If you?ve grown up in a Christian home, you?ll most likely admit that while all of these things are nice, they aren?t the main thing we celebrate at Christmas. You?ll most likely say that at Christmas, we celebrate that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary in a stable near Bethlehem. Surprisingly, even if you said this, you are wrong (sort of). Granted, we do celebrate that Christ came to Earth at Christmas.We thank Him for obeying God by allowing Himself to be conceived by the Holy Spirit and to be born of the virgin Mary. We praise Him for fulfilling every prophecy in the Old Testament as He was born in the city of Bethlehem in the lineage of David, making him the legal King of Israel. We adore Him as we hear of how He was recognized as Messiah by both Jewish shepherds and pagan Magi. However, the fact that Jesus came to Earth is not all we celebrate at Christmas. If Jesus just came to Earth and ascended thirty years later, we would have absolutely no reason to celebrate. Rather, we celebrate because of why He came! Christ came to die as a substitute for us. Withstanding every temptation the Earth could offer, Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life we could never live so that He could die as the sacrifice we could never offer. On the cross, He bore the suffering demanded by the law as He died, fully paying the price for our sin. After three days in the tomb, He rose again, and now lives as the perfect Savior to all who trust in Him. You see, we don?t just celebrate Christmas because Christ came, but rather, we celebrate Christmas because of why He came. We celebrate the fact that God became man to save sinners. We celebrate the fact that Jesus died so that we might live. 3