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Get To Know Your Teacher s: Mr . Bur ns By: Monica A. 6) Wh at ar e you cu r r en t ly r eadin g f or en joym en t ? 1) Wh at w ou ld st u den t s be su r pr ised t o f in d ou t abou t you ? That I nearly failed Algebra in high school. 2) If you cou ld pass an y w isdom t o you r st u den t s, w h at w ou ld you sh ar e? Your motto or life purpose statement should be ?seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.? 3) Back in h igh sch ool, w h o w as you r f avor it e t each er ? Wh y? In high school my favorite teacher was my history teacher. He made the course very interesting and I really enjoyed history because of him. He was also my wrestling coach. 4) Wh at w ou ld be you r ideal w ay t o spen d t h e w eek en d? I read all the time! Right now, I?m reading World Magazine, Answers Magazine, Table Talk Magazine, Disciplines of a Godly Man, Water at the Roots, and Poems and Insights of a Visionary Farmer. 7) As a ch ild, w h at did you w an t t o be w h en you gr ew u p? At first, a history teacher and later an organic farmer (the Lord blessed me by allowing me to be both a farmer and a science teacher!). 8) Did you h ave an y ext r acu r r icu lar act ivit ies w h en you w er e a h igh sch ool st u den t ? I was on the cross country, wrestling, and track teams. I also ran cross country in college?I still do it now, 40 years later! 9) Wh at is t h e f u n n iest or w eir dest f act you k n ow ? Going running?I?m a long distance runner?or backpacking on a trail on a beautiful spring or summer day. The multiple universes or panspermia theory of origins, which states that life evolved somewhere else in the universe and somehow made its way to Earth. 5) Wh at is you r f ir st m em or y f r om sch ool? 10) Wh at is on e of you r h idden t alen t s? When my first grade teacher dumped out the things in my desk because I was playing with them and not paying attention! I play the piano (though I?m out of practice) and, having been on many mission trips, I can also speak some Spanish and Creole. 18