Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 17

51. Drink enough water 52. Explore new hobbies 77. Create a financial plan and start saving 53. Become an active member of your community 78. Listen to more Christian music 54. Spend more time in nature 80. Find an outlet for your stress 55. Learn a new language 81. Become more organized 56. Refuse to gossip 57. Say ?thank you? more often 82. Say ?no? to toxic relationships and bad influences 58. Memorize Scripture 83. Spend less time on social media 59. Find a mentor 84. Spread more love 60. Be more grateful 85. Face your fears and insecurities 61. Turn every challenge into an opportunity 86. Join a Bible study 62. Express your feelings better 63. Work at motivating yourself 88. Look for opportunities to exercise your creativity 64. Wake up earlier 89. Start remembering important dates 65. Perform random acts of kindness 90. Drink less soda 66. Keep a schedule 91. Dream more 67. Avoid moping 92. Learn to control your emotions 68. Volunteer and give more to charity 93. Learn how to be more self-reliant 69. Stop being late all the time 94. Grow closer to God 70. Ask friends to church 95. Create a bucket list 71. Focus better when doing schoolwork 96. Donate old clothes regularly 72. Eat less fast food 97. Recycle more than you throw away 73. Clean more often 98. Make less excuses 74. Talk about God and Christianity more 99. Be kinder to yourself 75. Start being more responsible 100. Remember to not expect perfection 79. Clean out your closet 87. Start writing a book/journal 76. Learn to cook 17