Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 16

Resolut i ons f or t he New Year By: Monica A. 1. Stop procrastinating 27. Overcome your fears 2. Pray daily 28. Settle your debts 3. Spend more time with your family 29. Enjoy your own company 4. Reconnect with an old friend 30. Be more open to criticism 5. Stretch every day 31. Live every moment to its fullest 6. Forgive past grudges 7. Be able to admit when you are wrong 32. Be the voice for someone who doesn?t have one 8. Use products that are eco-friendly 33. Be well-informed 9. Learn something new every day 34. Become more confident and take some chances 10. Start eating healthier food, and less food overall 35. Spend more time with your friends 11. Meet new people 36. Become more polite 12. Go on an adventure 37. Create new traditions with loved ones 13. Make new friends 38. Make your overall happiness a top priority 14. Play more board games 15. Talk less and listen more 16. Give someone a compliment every day 17. Get a pen pal 18. Set clear financial goals 19. Laugh every day 20. Work on being present 21. Be gracious to strangers 22. Worry less and work hard 23. Teach those who are struggling 24. Help others achieve their dreams 25. Always find the good in people 26. Be content with what you have 16 39. Reduce stress 40. Watch less TV 41. Impress yourself instead of impressing others 42. Go to church every week 43. Eat vegetables regularly 44. Get more quality sleep 45. Read your Bible 20 minutes a day 46. Make time to keep up with news 47. Find out what your passion is 48. Take every opportunity you get 49. Read more 50. Use your phone less