BioVoice News December 2016-January 2017 Issue 8 Volume 1 - Page 16

special report

Major achievements of CSIR during 2016

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research ( CSIR ) is a catalyst and driver of sustainable socio-economic change through application of science and technology

The scientific staff of CSIR though constitutes only about 3-4 % of India ’ s scientific manpower but it has an overwhelming contribution amounting to 9.6 % of India ’ s scientific outputs . CSIR has commercialized several technologies for the society and industry in the areas of food and agriculture , generic drugs , leather , chemicals and petrochemicals , biopharmaceuticals , and materials .

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants : Enhanced cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in the country brought about through development of new varieties and agro-technologies . The estimated area under cultivation is more than 3.3 lakh hectares with an estimated value of Rs 3568 crores and generated employment of 7.31 crore man days . India leads globally in Menthol Mint production due to CSIR efforts .
Samba Mahsuri Rice Variety – Bacterial Blight Resistant : CSIR has in collaboration with DRR ( ICAR ) and DBT part funding developed an improved bacterial blight resistant Samba Mahsuri variety . It is being cultivated in ~ 90,000 hectares in the states of Andhra Pradesh , Telangana , Karnataka and Tamil Nadu .
Rice Cultivar ( Muktashree ) for Arsenic Contaminated Areas : A rice variety has been developed which restricts assimilation of Arsenic within permissible limit . The variety has been released to farmers of West Bengal .
White-fly resistant Cotton variety : Developed a transgenic cotton line which is resistant to whiteflies . It is expected to render it commercially cultivable in 10 years , after due regulatory clearances .
JD Vaccine for Farm Animals : Vaccine developed and commercialized for Johne ’ s disease affecting Sheep , Goat , Cow and Buffalo so as to immunize them and increase
milk and meat production .
Plasma Gelsolin Diagnostic Kit for Premature Births , and Sepsis related Deaths : A new kit is being developed to diagnose pre-mature birth and sepsis .
Genomics and other omics technologies for enabling medical decision : A programme called GOMED ( Genomics and other omics technologies for Enabling
Medical Decision ) has been developed by the CSIR which provides a platform of disease genomics to solve clinical problems . The present portfolio includes over 80 genes and sequencing of mitochondrial loci for mitochondrial disorders . In a short span of 9 months which encompassed the proof-of-concept stage ,
GOMED has catered to over 600 patients from across the country .
Ksheer-scanner : The Ksheer Scanner , a new technological invention by CSIR-CEERI detects the level of milk adulteration and adulterants in 45 seconds at the cost of 10 paise , thereby putting adulterators in the milk trade in notice was launched on 20th February . 50 systems have been deployed at diaries across Goa , Gujarat , Jammu & Kashmir , Kerala , Maharashtra , Punjab , Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh , and West Bengal . A hand-held device “ Ksheer Tester ”, a mini version of Ksheer-scanner has also been developed .
Double-Fortified Salt : Salt fortified with iodine and iron having improved properties developed and tested for addressing anaemia in people . To be launched in the market soon .
Anti-obesity DAG Oil : Oil enriched with Diacylglycerol ( DAG ) instead of conventional triacylglycerol ( TAG ) developed . To be launched in the market soon .
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