atHOME Victoria Issue 1 Feb. 2015 | Page 68

WEEKEND D.I.Y SOMETIMES ALL A BEDROOM NEEDS IS A NEW POINT OF VIEW. A RENEWED HEADBOARD CAN CHANGE THE ENTIRE LOOK OF THE ENTIRE ROOM—IN JUST A FEW HOURS AND FOR WAY LESS THAN $100! BY: ELIZABETH DEAN reathe new life into a stale, outdated and ho-hum bedroom with fabric and a little imagination. An upholstered or padded fabric headboard will bring an instantly updated and modern look to your bedroom space. B 66 If your existing headboard is already square or rectangular in shape, this is a simple straightforward task that will take just a few hours to complete. For a rounded or odd shaped headboard, you might want to consider purchasing a slab of MDF from Home Depot and starting from scratch. Either way, the headboard needs to be at least as wide as your bed frame. For an ultra-modern look, create a tall headboard that extends at least 60 inches up the wall behind your bed. FABRIC SELECTION IS IMPORTANT If you have found a fabric you love, purchase a large piece (at least 4 metres) from your favourite fabric shop. If you are unsure, try Fabricland (located behind Old Navy in Tillicum Centre). You could also use an existing flat bed sheet, antique chenille bedspread, interesting cloth tablecloth or ample vintage fabric remnant that matches your bedroom décor. The easiest way to get an instantly coordinated look is to purchase a duvet set (bed in a bag style that comes with matching bed linens), and simply repurpose the matching top sheet as your custom headboard cover.