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From easy to involved, let me share a few ideas: 2015 Cozy cocktails: Choose items for this area very thoughtfully, paying attention to how each piece of furniture and every accessory can serve multiple purposes. For example, a console table and chair doubles as a laptop work station; a decorative Murano glass bowl holds your house keys and sunglasses; an upholstered ottoman acts as seating and shoe storage. The coffee klatsch: Visit the bakery, stock up on cinnamon buns, scones, and pastries. Add a fruit plate and some freshly squeezed orange juice and put the coffee pot on! Your friends will love being in the comfort of your home. Beats Starbucks any day. In support of Greater Victoria Elder Care Foundation AGELESS LIVING EXPO Become an Exhibitor. Classic potluck: An easy way to have friends in your home for the evening without spending hours preparing food. Simply ask each guest to bring an item (appetizer, main course, salad, vegetable dish, bread or dessert) and don’t forget to make it B.Y.O.B. This makes your evening simple, inexpensive and interactive. Set the table, light the candles and dinner will magically appear. Contribute to the newest and best in anti-aging, beauty, and wellness! Hit the deli: Another great way to host a luncheon or dinner party starts with a visit to your local deli, butcher shop, or specialty food store. Decide how little or much you want to prepare from scratch and let the deli/bakery specialists do the rest. There are so many wonderful soups, salads, appetizers and vegetable dishes available in addition to some well-prepared and tasty main course items. If you aren’t in the mood or don’t have the time, consider picking up a dessert from your favourite bakery. Your guests will appreciate the thought and care you put into the meal. All you need is great wine and conversation to complete your dinner party. Do it all yourself: Once you feel comfortable with having friends in your home, consider trying out a meal from scratch. Practice your recipes one at a time over a few weeks and decide which work best. Choose a menu that allows you to prepare many of the dishes ahead of time, so that you aren’t stressed at the last moment. Allow plenty of time between courses; this creates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for both you and your guests. My five top picks for local items that are tasty and easy to prepare: • • • • • Saturday, March 28th @ Victoria�s The Bay Centre n si nu Joi 015! 2 Cheese platters from Charelli’s Cheese Shop Dessert from Patisserie Daniel Breakfast muffins & pastries from Pure Vanilla Gourmet chicken items from M & M Meats French Onion soup from Costco For More Info: 250 385 3781 AH MORE ENTERTAINING IDEAS Follow Us! online right now at