atHOME Victoria Issue 1 Feb. 2015 | Page 69

distinct unique LOTS OF PADDING IS CRITICAL FOR COMFORT inspiring Two layers of quilt batting are needed. For the first layer, wrap from side to side with the batting overlapping in the back. For the second layer, wrap from front to back with the batting overlapping again in the back. There is no need to secure the batting; it will stick to itself. Take some extra time to smooth out the padding to reduce any creasing or puckering. TAKE YOUR TIME WITH ASSEMBLY With the batting in place, cover the padding with your fabric making sure that any patterns are centred and placed properly. Start with each side and pull it tightly to the back of the headboard frame, for a tailored, sleek look. Finally, pull the top over and to the back, ensuring a snug, neat fit. Fold the three fabric ends (sides and top) together neatly at the back and affix to the back using a staple gun. Affix the headboard to the wall using large anchored screws and you are done! Your Custom Design Wedding & Engagement Specialists FINISHING TOUCH Button tufting will give your DIY headboard a polished, professional look. If you decide to tuft, there’s an easy way. Choose where you want your buttons, and use those