Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 32

decorations and artifacts embracing its Eastern origins .
The Saffron Grill ’ s extensive menu is a remarkable amalgamation of three principal cuisines – authentic Northern Indian , Greek and Mediterranean , and traditional American fare . Essentially there really is something for all tastes and palates . I ’ ll be focusing solely on the Indian offering , which is wideranging and most tantalizing .
Many generally regard Indian cuisine simply as curry , and although there are indeed numerous curry dishes found in Indian menus there are also many more unique and delicious treats prepared in traditional and authentic Northern Indian methods .
Allow me to assure newcomers to Indian cuisine that it doesn ’ t necessarily have to cause you to break into a sweat ! If your taste is for a very mild , creamy , and sweetly aromatic dish I would highly recommend Korma . Korma can include chicken , lamb , beef , fish , or vegetables prepared with a yogurt and cream-based sauce flavored with cashew and almonds . Also on the mild side is the widely popular tikka masala , again available with the above meat selection or vegetables .