Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 31

ariety is the spice of life . That sage old saying immediately sprang to mind during a visit to Seattle where , by sheer good fortune , timing , and a craving for coffee , Art Chowder magazine Publisher Dean Cameron and I found ourselves venturing into a restaurant conveniently located adjacent to the hotel where we were staying . Hoping for an afternoon java , we surprisingly discovered a whole lot more !
The instant we entered the restaurant ’ s foyer we were greeted with subtle fragrances of various exotic spices , and our delight was greatly enhanced when stepping into the main restaurant which oozed an alluring atmosphere of Eastern promise and flavor .
We had fortuitously found ourselves at the Saffron Grill , specializing in authentic Indian and Mediterranean cuisine . We immediately abandoned our coffee plan and instead requested menus !
I might point out that both Dean and myself are devoted Indian cuisine fanatics , and as a British expatriate who has spent half of my life exploring countless Indian restaurants across the United Kingdom and Europe , I have to acknowledge that the Saffron Grill scores a solid five-star rating in my estimation , and Dean entirely agrees .
Enticing , inviting , colorful , and classy well describes the interior layout and décor of the Saffron Grill . The centrally positioned cocktail bar is an illuminated feature within itself displaying a vast array of colorful bottles and glassware reflected in the fully mirrored bar back . The comfortable seating and tastefully appointed dining tables with linen tablecloths and napkins , quality silverware
and glassware surround the lounge and reception area . The dining room also boasts a large decorative wooden cabinet stocked with fine wines and champagnes . The entire staff is immaculately attired and exceptionally courteous , friendly , and attentive . The overall ambience is complemented by
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