Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 33

This dish is a creamy tomato sauce gently spiced with cumin , coriander , and ginger . If you prefer a little heat , I would suggest stepping up to madras masala , a meat or vegetable tomato-and-chili flavored curry . If you desire even more spice , I ’ d suggest upping the ante a little further to the bold and tangy vindaloo , prepared with wine , vinegar , ginger , and potatoes . One of our firm favorites is Saffron ’ s mango curry , a sweet and spicy dish bursting with pizazz and character . Dean ’ s favorite of the day ? “ I really enjoyed the mango chicken curry . The fusion between the sweet mango and savory curry with the added kick of level-four spice created an exciting culinary experience . Their extra-large naan ( flaky flat unleavened bread ) compliments the meal and makes sure you don ’ t miss a drop .” The spice level Dean mentions is offered on a scale of one to five , one being very mild and five being the top of the spice chart . All curry dishes are served with the perfect complement of lightly fragrant pilau rice , and the naan which Dean notes can be ordered with various fillings such as spiced meat , spinach , cheese , garlic or sweet and fruity ingredients . The hallmark and centerpiece of a truly authentic Indian kitchen is a clay oven known as the tandoor , which lends its name to the well-known dish tandoori chicken – on-the-bone pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked on skewers hung inside the tandoor , offering the meat a characteristic mildly smoked flavor . Other meats and fish are prepared and cooked in similar fashion , and the aforementioned naan is baked directly on the 700 degree clay wall of the tandoor .
The Saffron Grill ’ s menu is so comprehensive and extensive that to detail all of the authentic appetizers , entrees , deserts , side orders and traditional Indian beverages could occupy quite some time , so I ’ m suggesting you visit the Saffron ’ s website at www . saffrongrillseattle . com to peruse the full lunch and dinner menus .
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