Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 18

The family cows received many private shows .” Chantelle doesn ’ t narrow her vision to the visual world either . In the same way that she uses light and color to transform her visual landscape , she also uses various instruments to transform the auditory landscape as well through original music that puts
18 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE an emphasis on energy work and healing . “ Color , light , and sound are three of my favorite tools , and combining the three is something I will be focusing on in the future . Our world is in need of some higher frequency musical and visual stimulation and I look forward to expanding my offerings there .”
Chantelle says her pieces come about naturally , especially her paintings . She approaches every blank space with curiosity and an open mind to play with the world around her and capture the things she sees and feels . Her fluid relationship with nature and spirituality allow her to work freeform and let