Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 19

the creative process take over . “ The inspiration of my work comes from various places . A lot of the time I sit down to paint and things just come through . My favorite thing to do is just start with some color choices and see what happens . Most of my treasured pieces started out with no intention , just flowing with the substrate and seeing what transpires .” This is part of the reason Chantelle has a habit of diving into so many different mediums and ways of experiencing creativity . “ I love to put my mark on the world in various ways through my art . I am enchanted by the refraction of light with my copper and crystal suncatchers . Transforming the space with not only the artwork , but the enchanting reflections made by being in direct sunlight . I also have a slight addiction to transforming plain items with alcohol ink and glass paints .” Without fear or overbearing perfectionism , her focus is on making change to the world around her in the best way she knows how .
One of Chantelle ’ s favorite things about what she does , is the community that comes with it . “ Coming from a small town , I really appreciate the art community in the Pacific Northwest . My experience has been pretty positive . Being a wholesale distributor of picture framing supplies has given me an opportunity to get to know quite a few artists and gallery owners locally .” First and foremost , she loves to take on a mentoring role and help others find their own creativity and passion through classes . “ Watching people become inspired is one of my favorite things to do . I love to
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