Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 17

rom the vibrant flowing colors of her hair and clothing , all the way to her workspace , home , and luminous personality , it is clear that Chantelle Flint ’ s artistic vision has seeped its way into every aspect of her being . Her artful way of existing twists and twines outward to “ Chantellify ” everything she does .
“ Art and music have always been first nature to me . I don ’ t remember learning how to draw or play music as a child . Playing piano by ear escapes my earliest memories .” Chantelle ’ s work reaches deep into her core , reflecting both her spiritual growth and the person she has always been . “ I have always made art . My mom tells stories of the details that two-year-old me would capture . Things like eyelashes and fingernails . I was always creating . I had my own pretend TV art show where I would pretend to be Bob Ross and use my grandma ’ s oils to create my own masterpieces .” An artistic childhood blossomed into a lifelong artistic lifestyle . She went on to earn a bachelor ’ s degree in studio art from Eastern Washington University . She can often be found hosting henna parties for girl ’ s night , working street fairs , and helping artists accent their work in just the perfect way at Materials for Artists and the Spokane Gallery Frame Shop . She currently lives in Spokane , Washington and her work can be found at Spokane Gallery and online as Chantelle Monique Art .
“ I find myself wanting to adorn the world — add color , bring life , and create inspiration . There is art and beauty everywhere just waiting to be released .” Her work
has a captivating flow that draws people in . In her office , her paintings adorn her clothing and skin , as well as the walls , windows , light fixtures , and desk . Her signature crystals , flowers , and rainbows can be found everywhere at Spokane Gallery . She describes the process in which she transforms body , space , and objects as “ Chantellifying .”
Much of her work is inspired by spirituality , love , and the “ divine feminine .” It is evident that every piece has a loving and sacred aspect to it . “ The natural and spiritual worlds are a huge inspiration to me . Trying to capture the beauty I see before me in color and texture .” Raised in the Columbia Basin , she has learned to find tranquility in solitude . This , and her connection to the land fuel her art . “ Growing up in the country gave me lots of alone time and creative freedom .
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