AORE Annual Report 2017 | Page 11

2017 Reflection

If you get a moment, I would encourage you to thank the committee chair, board member, or other volunteer you know. They are serving to make your member experience better.

This great service I am describing is only possible because we continue to recruit and elevate the very best volunteers in our industry. We are getting high impact individuals into the leadership positions that make a difference. Please join us in identifying more of these people.

I want to close by thank my family for allowing me to serve in this capacity for the past four years. As I mentioned at our annual conference, they deserve all of the credit for my time of service. They shared me with this association and supported me through each day of work, meetings, and travel.

A message from AORE:

Thank you Lance for all of your hard work this past year. Your bright, charismatic energy has brought joy to many AORE BOD meetings & Conferences! Your humbleness has touched many, and AORE will always appreciate the guidance your brought in 2017.