AORE Annual Report 2017 | Page 12



AORE will gain a clear understanding of all various initiatives related to the education of our members


Create a list of all current and past initiatives (such as programs, grants, publications) managed by AORE and its committees

Create a list of current contact information for each initiative

Create a comprehensive summary for each initiative

Develop a tracking system for each initiative

Develop an assessment system and schedule for each initiative


There is a growing need to know and quantify AORE’s full impact as we continue to find ourselves involved in industry think tanks and as we begin applying for national grants. This project will help us clearly define what AORE does and how we lead the industry. We have historical data and knowledge as well that we’ll intertwine with your answers.


Create a list of all identified programs and services provided by AORE

Create a list of contact person for each service/program (when not the NO)

Started the assessment with JOREL, Proceedings, HK Book, OOPS and the Research Grant

Have had several conversations with individuals who have historical knowledge of these services/programs


Information is not available in one place and requires various research methods, including requesting documents from the NO and talking to various individuals

Programs & Services