AORE Annual Report 2017 | Page 10


From the President

As I was reviewing the past few annual reports in prep for my closing statement in the president role, I found that each one talked about the past year’s success and accomplishments. While I could do that here, the next few pages will simply echo whatever I could write. It could very well go without saying, but this association grows, develops, and improves each successive year. Instead of recognizing the outcomes of the grind, I’d like to draw attention to the grind itself. It is the process of this hard work, performed by the volunteer leaders, national office, and board of directors that makes this association better.

This hard work is just that…hard. We have difficult conversations and at times, heated differences of opinion in search of what is best for the membership. I feel this dynamic is a key component to the work of a volunteer led association, though. Yes, it is tough and wearing, but it is worthy and honorable work so that our members can benefit. Many of us talk to young people and participants about servant leadership and how this is an admirable tactic. I don’t know if I have ever witnessed so many people living this out as when I served on this board of directors for the past four years.

If you get a moment, I would encourage you to thank the committee chair, board member, or other volunteer you know. They are serving to make your member experience better.

This great service I am describing is only possible because we continue to recruit and elevate the very best volunteers in our industry. We are getting high impact individuals into the leadership positions that make a difference. Please join us in identifying more of these people.

I want to close by thank my family for allowing me to serve in this capacity for the past four years. As I mentioned at our annual conference, they deserve all of the credit for my time of service. They shared me with this association and supported me through each day of work, meetings, and travel.

Lance and his family enjoying a day in the park

Lance Haynie, 2017 AORE Board of Directors President