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Gifts over 10,000 leva
Frank Bauer Jon Clayton Gipson Family Foundation
Samuel Seymour Tianaderrah Foundation William J . Williams
In November 2019 , our great friend Robert Gipson was honored by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev with the award “ Largest Individual Philanthropist for 2019 ”. The award commemorated decades of philanthropic work by Robert and Nellie Gipson in support of education , culture and the development of the potential of youth in Bulgaria .
Nellie Gipson is a trustee of the American College of Sofia . The Gipson ’ s family foundation , Tianaderrah , supports four full scholarship at ACS . In addition , in the 2019-2020 school year Nellie and Robert Gipson provided funds for the purchase of 23 computer workstations with professional graphics cards and 4K monitors giving our students the ability to run industry standard graphics , 3D , CAD and video editing software . And the Gipson Family Library , established in 2018 , has become a cornerstone of ACS education : a home of learning , community gatherings , student activities , and even after-class board game tournaments .
Nellie and Robert Gipson ’ s tireless and inspirational philanthropy has already transformed the lives of a generation of ACS graduates , as well as affected the advancement of culture and education in Bulgaria , and the legacy of Bulgarian-American relations .
Gifts of 10,000 – 5,000 leva
Anonymous Valerie Brackett & Nikolaos Monoyios Bright Funds Foundation Karen Collias John Dougherty Ann S . Ferren Goldman Sachs Theodora Konetsovska
Nedko Kyuchukov Georgi Prohasky Charles Ries Svilen Spasov Sun Capital Partners Temcov Foundation Stanislav Tsanev Lisa Wiersma
Spotlight on :
Teodora and Darina Spasov Scholarship
Dr . Svilen Spasov is a notable member of the ACS community , founder of the Teodora and Darina Spasov Scholarship , the first scholarship at ACS by a Bulgarian citizen , named after his daughters who graduated from ACS with the classes of 2004 and 2005 respectively .
The scholarship was established in 2005 with the goal of supporting the girl in every class who has the most financial need and maintains a GPA of minimum 5.00 and exemplary conduct throughout her course of study . To date , the Spasovi family has donated over 80,000 BGN in support of the education of ACS students .
Dr . Spasov said , “ There are many examples in Bulgaria ’ s history of helping talented but financially challenged young people . At the time of Teodora and Darina ’ s education , coincidentally , we had difficulty paying the tuition and they too felt the family ’ s struggle . For this reason right after their graduation I decided to start this scholarship for a girl in the strongest need and with good scores at school . It bears the name of our daughters and in due time will be taken over by them .”