ACS_Giving_Report_2020 | Page 6

ACS ’ s operational budget for the 2019-2020 school year Total expenses : 12,425,370 leva
salaries , benefits , compensation education , labs , textbooks financial aid campus maintenance and improvements
In a year of unprecedented challenges , we had a year of unprecedented accomplishment . Calamity not only didn ’ t weaken us , it made us stronger . Record giving was achieved under the direst of circumstances .
It seemed that our external programs would remain blocked by lockdown and social distancing , but we moved many of our courses online , and found a way to have a successful summer school .
Due to health and safety mandates to battle the pandemic , we had to cancel our single largest fundraising and community-outreach event , Arts Fest . But we more than made up for that unfortunate circumstance later in the summer of 2020 .
In the brightest example of the year , the Gift of Security campaign of July-August , our community came together to help its own , the families of current students who would need financial assistance because of the economic downturn . The campaign overshot its goal by 30 %.
2019-2020 also saw a rise in employer matching through a variety of arrangements .
Not only generosity , but creativity came in aid of turning the tables on the pandemic-related crises . An alumna / trustee held a birthday fundraiser on Facebook . An alumnus / entrepreneur enlisted his corporate employer in philanthropic giving to the College . Parents donated their PTA membership fees to student activities .
Thank you all who contributed !