ACS_Giving_Report_2020 | Page 8

The school year was full of challenges for the American College of Sofia , but it provided opportunities as well . We are pleased to announce that our school was awarded a grant from American Schools and Hospitals Abroad , a division of USAID , for the complete renovation of one of our iconic school buildings , Abbott Hall , now close to its centennial anniversary .
The amount of the award is $ 721,160 and is a testament to the unique model of education at ACS , the public outreach activities and the commitment of the school that any student who qualifies for admittance according to the entrance exam should be given the opportunity to study at ACS .
Abbott Hall in 1928
Abbott Hall , 92 years later
The award is also an indication of the high standards of the financial and operational procedures at ACS . US- AID is the world ’ s premier international development agency which supports only organizations that meet the highest standards of accountability and financial governance .
The grant would cover most of the construction expenses but it comes with the condition of substantial financial matching on behalf of the American College of Sofia . Our school has to leverage funds of $ 327,800 in addition to the award . Renovation activities of the building will start in April 2022 , and will continue throughout that summer , as not to interrupt the educational experience of our students .
We are reaching out to our community with a kind request for financial support for this transformational project . We are seeking donations of any amount to complete the renovation of this historic school building and contribute to the educational experience of the next generations of students at ACS .