ACS_Giving_Report_2020 | Page 24

Diana Zapryanova , External Programs Director :
With the start of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic , our team showed great creativity , flexibility and proactiveness .
For a short period of time all courses went online . And instead of recording and sending out videos like many others did , we kept the format and the liveliness of our classes . The students were in contact with the teachers not only during the online classes but also 24 / 7 via the digital platforms Google Classroom and ClassDojo where they shared photos , learning materials and assignments , had discussions and kept in touch . Overall , the transition to online learning was smooth and successful . With the exception of two 5-year old kids all registered students attended the online training .
By the start of the summer , all children and parents were tired of the lockdown . None of them expressed inte-rest in an online summer school , but there were over 100 parents waiting for us to announce a summer school on campus . Simultaneously , many learning centers announced that they would remain closed during the summer .
After evaluating the risks and our capacity to enforce all required anti-COVID measures , the ACS management took the decision to open the ACS campus for the kids . And it was the right decision . By doing so , we had a number of positive outcomes . We reaffirmed the ACS reputation as a trustworthy institution delivering high quality educational programs and taking the best possible anti-COVID measures .
Our marketing proved to work very well . We reached a high number of new clients . We discovered new remarkable teachers who now continue working with us .
And last but not least , we did well financially . 176 kids spent part of their summer at the ACS campus . 131 ( 76 %) were new clients , 35 kids ( 20 %) were returning clients from summer school 2019 , and 10 children ( 6 %) were clients from the year-long courses .
Income from courses and individual classes
2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
My daughter Adelina is so positively influenced by her spending these four weeks with you !
Today , she woke up with the words , “ Hurry , or I ’ ll be late for camp ” - and it ’ s Sunday . She said sadly that she ’ ll miss “ climbing the hill ” to Sanders .
Adi built so many experiences and several friendships , fell in love with softball - where she only thought of soccer before - altogether beautiful memories and experiences .
In addition to her favorite Shumana ( Akhtar , summer school teacher ) during her first weeks there , she kept relating about Miss Dacheva and the grammar they studied , including the use of their personal tablets and keyboards this last Friday . From their science class , we still keep the bird house on our tree , and the acting videos are now in the family ’ s Viber group , and Adi wants to study acting .
It was an incredible experience - I wish I were in the age group that could participate . Again , I want to express my great gratitude for what you create for the kids .
Asya Georgieva 24